Hunting & Hunting Equipment



To define & promote weapons restrictions for traditional archery equipment used for traditional archery hunts


1 July, 2009



Technological advancements in archery equipment have increased hunter efficiency and are
changing the way many people hunt. Improvements to bows, arrows and related accessories have
increased the distance at which game can be taken.


Most of the currently available bows and archery equipment increase hunter efficiency resulting greater
impacts on game populations. As hunter effectiveness increases, wildlife managers must consider either:
restricting technology, reducing opportunities (tag numbers or season length) or both, to maintain
populations and meet targeted herd composition ratios.


As wildlife manager’s struggle with dwindling resources, the Traditional Archers of Oregon recognize
that rules limiting the effectiveness of the hunter and/or equipment should be adopted and implemented in the future.


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Current Big Game Regulations published by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.




1.      The use of longbows, Recurve and primitive self bows only.

2.      All must be of wood or a wood fiberglass composite.

3.      Draw weight minimum of 40# for deer, antelope, bear & cougar and 50# for elk,
sheep & mountain goats in accordance with the hunting synopsis.

4.      No sights will be fixed to the bow.

5.      Bows will be finger released without the aid of a mechanical release.


Arrows and Broadheads:

1.      The use of wood arrows only with fixed blade broadheads, minimum,  7/8” wide
and no barbed points.

2.      Arrows must weigh a minimum of 1 ounce (437.5 gr) for deer & antelope and
500 grains for all other big game mammals.