TAO Targets and affiliate sponsored events


Outlines responsibilities for control of corporate assets and use of targets for TAO sanctioned events


1 January, 2011: Initial document, not adopted as official policy.

15 December, 2014: Addition of format to highlight affiliate club responsibilities for use of TAO targets, adopted as policy.


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Target Committee Chairman:

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Voting Member in good standing responsible for maintaining a current inventory of all assets, supplies and materials stored in the corporate target trailer.


The Target Committee Chairman will provide a report to the Board of Directors and Voting Members at the Annual Business Meeting and the Banquet Business Meeting. The report will include but not be limited to: trailer condition, current target inventory & condition, repair needs, purchase recommendations and supply needs (stakes, rebar, etc) to ensure the success of scheduled events.



  Storage The Board of Directors shall be responsible to approve secure storage location for the target trailer.

  Registration - The Treasurer is responsible to ensure Oregon DMV registration is maintained as requested by the Target Committee Chairman.

  Maintenance - The Executive Committee shall, at the request of the Target Committee Chairman, authorize expenses for required maintenance.


Mileage Reimbursement:

Mileage reimbursement will be paid for transport of the TAO target trailer, to TAO events, at the current IRS rate. The person transporting the trailer must submit a written record to the Treasurer to include the following:



Use of targets at affiliate club sponsored events:


The purposes of Traditional Archers of Oregon include: promoting the use of traditional equipment for use in bow hunting and other archery activities such as providing instruction and training in hunting techniques, marksmanship, safety and ethics. TAO participates with states and Canadian provinces on a rotating basis and has historically hosted two annual events in Oregon to promote the use of traditional archery equipment.


Major TAO events have spawned local events in Oregon by affiliate clubs, strengthening their membership and providing a revenue source for additional activities which, in turn, have generally promoted and enhanced traditional archery throughout the state of Oregon. TAO assets are an integral part of the overall success of such events and this policy provides guidelines for the care and use of such assets.


Affiliate clubs wishing to host a TAO sponsored event, to promote the mission of the Traditional Archers of Oregon as outlined in the Bylaws will adhere to the following guidelines at all events:

1)      Any affiliate club hosting a shooting event must have a minimum of two, active, TAO Directors associated with their organization.

2)      Two TAO Directors must be in attendance at all times during the event. The directors are responsible for oversight of all activities at the event such as inspecting course layout and enforcing prudent safety rules (i.e. No alcohol allowed at shooting activities, fire prevention, resource protection) and ensuring overall event integrity and compliance is consistent with TAO mission and TAO insurance carrier requirements.

3)      TAO Waiver of liability shall be available and administered for non-TAO membership who participate in the event.

4)      Affiliate club host is responsible for obtaining all permits and/or agreements for site activities, including providing proof of insurance (TAO certificate of insurance) that meets usage requirements for site.

5)      Affiliate club hosting a shooting event shall be responsible for all event expenses such as permits, toilets, dumpster, and marketing materials.

6)      Requests to use TAO targets will be submitted to and approved by unanimous consent of the TAO Executive Board (Target Use Application).

7)      TAO Directors from the affiliate club must maintain a watchful eye on registration activities but may delegate tasks to affiliate club members. However, they are ultimately responsible to ensure all activities comply with TAO Bylaws and Events Policy including shoot waivers for all non-TAO members participating in the event and completing a TAO income form to be submitted to the TAO Executive Board following the event.

8)      Responsible directors are also expected to ensure targets are handled as posted in the target trailer & loaded correctly to prevent damage, accounted for following the shoot and assessed for repair/replacement damage.

9)      Use of blunts and broadheads shall not be allowed and must be posted at registration and at the entrance to all trails.

10)  Affiliate club is responsible for prompt pick up and return of target trailer to designated storage area.


Affiliate clubs will surrender a fee of 50% of the registration for use of the targets at their event to cover target damage and shoot insurance. Any other revenues derived from novelties, concessions etc., may be retained by the affiliate. Affiliates may also agree to forfeit any or all event revenue to TAO.