Annual Bob Bouret Conservation Project &

Charlie Barr Golf Shoot


To bring archers together for a weekend of events including a Saturday Conservation Project followed by an Archery Golf Shoot.


The intent of this event is to provide the opportunity for TAO members to work with state wildlife personnel on projects which benefit wildlife and also provide a weekend activity and meet with fellow members and shake off any symptoms of the winter malady commonly referred to “cabin fever”.


1 February, 2010


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Banquet Policy (host rotation).

Event registration Policy.



The Conservation Project and Golf Shoot shall take place on the White River Wildlife Area near
Tygh Valley, Oregon unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors. 


Registration & Shoot Fees:

A registration area should be plainly visible on Sunday morning and be stocked with: membership needs,
money, score cards, etc.


Shoot fees, if any, shall be waived for Conservation Project participants.


Shoot fees for TAO members and non-members shall be set by the Board of Directors.



Participants are invited to participate in a Conservation Project, commencing on Saturday morning
until complete.  Time permitting a warm up round of archery golf will be available Saturday afternoon
to all project participants.


The Golf Shoot Competition shall commence on Sunday morning at a time designated by the
host organization.





Once on “the green” be sure to clear out areas opposite of the path of arrows.  As with all other
TAO shoot events, alcoholic beverages should be enjoyed following the event and will not be
allowed on the course.



The course shall be set up by the hosting organization.  It is suggested that a mix of short
(able to reach pin in one shot) and long distances (2 – 3 shots to pin) be incorporated. 
Course shall consist of a minimum of 9 holes.


 Targets (pin):

TAO shall supply the necessary pins & targets necessary to host the shoot. 


Pins shall be a PVC or conduit post with flagging visible from long distances.


Actual target shall consist of a stiff wire hanger on which is placed a “puck”
(short length of fire hose stuffed with foam).



Each arrow fired shall count as one point and be added up once the “puck” has been knocked off
the wire hanger.  Score for each “hole” shall be added together for total score.


If the archer is able to touch the “puck” with the tip of his arrow from where that arrow came
to rest, it shall be considered a “gimmee” and a stroke added to their score for that hole.


Should an archer lose an arrow to water hazard or other course impediment,  the archer
may bring a new arrow into play at the point of loss and will add an extra point to final score for that hole.





Youth (male and female archers between the ages of 12 – 16)

Cub (male and female archers 11 and under)



Bows shall be limited to Self Bows, Longbows and Recurve bows. 


There are no restrictions on arrows or arrow tips that may be used by participants. 
In fact, golf shoot veterans suggest that a combination of aluminum, carbon & wood 
arrows with both feather fletch (flu-flu style) & vanes as well as a variety of tips from
standard field points to blunts & judo be used depending on the shot situation.



Awards should be kept as simple of possible and it is suggested that hosting
organizations fabricate awards as a part of their club activities.



Vendors in attendance must be registered for the Golf Young Shoot. 



The Board of Directors is responsible to authorize the President and Treasurer
to make the necessary preparations and expenditures to ensure the success of this annual event.


The Board of Directors is responsible to contact the Manager of the White River Wildlife
Area and select a suitable conservation project based upon anticipated participation. 
As a part of the project selection, permission shall be requested from WRWA Manager
for camping and holding the event. 


The host club is responsible for:

·         Golf Shoot set-up.

·         Sanitary facilities.

·         Post-event clean up.

·         Providing awards.


The Secretary and Treasurer will insure registration is run in strict adherence to the
T.A.O. Event Registration Policy.


TAO affiliated clubs will rotate responsibility for setting up this annual event and will follow
the rules and protocol set forth in this procedure and related documents listed above. 
See Banquet Policy for Annual Rotation Plan.