Event Registration



To ensure that TAO event registration function is fully and adequately staffed at all TAO events and that proper money handling procedures are in effect at all times.


1 May, 2013 Add TAO Insurance Information


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TAO Membership Policy

Forms for:

  Registration, Meal Tickets & Miscellaneous Fees

  Raffles, Merchandise, Dues

  Membership Applications & Cards

  Event Audit

  Waiver/Release for shoots



TAO Events shall include but not be limited to Pope Young Shoot, Western States Traditional Rendezvous, North American Longbow Safari, Golf Shoot and Annual Banquet.



Because revenue is generated from both membership dues and event fees at most TAO functions, the Secretary and Treasurer have joint responsibility for ensuring that registration is run in a timely, professional manner to serve the membership and visiting public. They will set Registration hours which should be posted conspicuously for the membership and guests of TAO.


The Secretary and Treasurer may delegate registration duties to capable members of TAO but are ultimately responsible for:

  Ensuring strict security of all proceeds from the event.

  Keeping records of revenues generated at the event.

  Ensuring participants in a shooting event sign a Waiver/Release form (Current TAO members, in good standing, are not required to complete Waiver/Release form).

  Updating membership renewals and recording new member information.









Event Registration



1 May, 2013 Add TAO Insurance Information


Responsibility (cont):


The Secretary is responsible for:

  Processing membership and renewals in a timely manner in accordance with the Membership Policy.


The Treasurer is responsible for:

  Securing funds when registration is closed.


  Counting proceeds each time registration is closed and documenting results.


  Accurate count and documentation of all registration fees, raffle revenue, membership dues and sales of TAO merchandise.


  Appointing a member of the Board of Directors to assist in validating all revenue at the end of each event.


  Ensuring that income from the all activities is accounted for in such a manner that a report is available for the Board of Directors and Voting Members following the event. (Appropriate sheets will be set up to record revenue from the event).


  TAO Merchandise including reporting income & expenses as well as managing and insuring inventory is available at events. The Treasurer may appoint a member in good standing to act as the Merchandise Committee Chair.


  Ensuring that TAO insurance policy is paid and current annually.


The Secretary and Treasurer shall share joint responsibility to ensure adequate supplies to facilitate the event (funds to make change, score cards, pens & pencils, membership application/renewal forms, waiver forms, membership cards, membership roster, etc) are available depending on event & item.


The officers of TAO have the responsibility to investigate & document any accident brought forth by a participant that may result in a claim against the organization. If warranted by TAO Officers in attendance, such documentation should be sent to TAO insurance agent (ref pg. 3), by the Secretary, immediately following the event.





Event Registration


1 May, 2013 Add TAO Insurance Information



Insured: Traditional Archers of Oregon

Policy No.: DLS1000710-01-193

Certificates are issued by TAO application.

Changes or corrections should be referred to Outdoor Insurance agent.


Outdoor Insurance is to be notified, as soon as possible, anytime someone is injured.

Even though all parties may be satisfied at the time, circumstances can change and a claim or suit be filed. It is always a good idea to notify your agent of any potential claims as recollection of incidents in the future may not be as clear as they are at the time of the occurrence.

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