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The Photo:
Many articles have been written about taking quality pictures of game and we will apply much the same guidelines you have already read.

Take all pictures in a natural setting – not heaped in the bed of a pickup, suspended by a rope from the rafters in your garage or piled on top of an ATV. No tongue’s hanging out or blood showing and remember to remove the arrow before snapping the photos.

Take a moment to correctly compose the entire picture with the animal, yourself, your equipment, making sure the background is natural, without junk, garbage or other distractions. The picture needs to be in focus and correctly exposed. Hint: A tri-pod is a big help when you are by yourself.

We also need caption material to describe the photo. Your name, where you are from, general locale game was taken, what kind of animal is it, what bow and broadhead did you use, were you stillhunting, stand or blind are all good information to submit.

Your photos represent our way of life. To do less, is to invite problems from those who would attack our sport.

    How to Submit a Photo:

  • Mail a photo and caption to current TAO President or Secretary and they will handle it from there. Send a SASE if you want it back.

  • Send your photo by electronic mail in JEPG format. Attach the photo, ideally file size must be less than 50 - 100kb.

  • Include the caption information in the email text.

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