Dave & Nancy Doran's
Going Away Party

TAO hosted a going away party for Dave and Nancy's many "traditional friends" at TAKODA's in Sisters, Oregon Sunday, 19 March, 2017.

By now it is old news that longtime TAO Lifetime Member and Treasurer, Nancy has accepted an exciting new position with her old employer, Maryland Department of Natural resources. Nancy and Dave will be moving to Oakland, Maryland in early June, 2017 where Nancy will be working as a wildlife biologist once again. Her main duties will be heading up the information and education programs for the Wildlife and Heritage Division. She might even get out into the field occasionally to play with fuzzy critters, like black bears.

Oakland, where you might ask! Oakland is located on the western boarder of Maryland, far removed from places like Baltimore and the nation's capital that surround Chesapeake Bay and general eastern seaboard hustle and bustle of New York, Boston or Philadelphia. By all accounts, Oakland is a vacation destination in the Appalachian Mountains where "Eastern Shore" residents go to "get away from it all". To put things in perspective, Nancy equates it to Wallowa County, Oregon (think: round peg in round hole!).

We were fortunate to have a great photographer and have assembled the following collage for those unable to attend. Thanks to Carol Kerr, Middleton, Idaho for sharing them with us.

It goes with saying, TAO LIFETIME MEMBER #1 and #68 will be missed by so many friends across all the Western States and Canada.

Liz, Nick, Jesse, Joyce, Faith

Pat, Lisa

Dave, Bill

Lee & Lani

Rick & Debby

Mike, Diane

Stan & Denise, Renee & Carl

Heather & Andy

Chuck, Jim, Ron, Suzane, Marilyn, Toni



Jimmy, Denise

Paula & Wes

Kathy, Bob, Diane, Rod

Kevin, Walt, Rod, Riley, Fred


Rod, Owen, Fred

for her many years of SUPER support to Traditional Archers of Oregon
Best wishes to a new life in Maryland from your many friends in Oregon
You will be truely missed by all of us...